Sunday, 31 October 2010

Happy Halloween

I found this awesomeness here

8 Bit Vinyl

League Of Space Pirates first single is released as a, limited edition, white 
vinyl 10 inch that is custom die-cut to look like an 8-bit digitized record.
More info here
Available to buy here.


Bottle by the fantastically talented Kirsten Lepore

Saturday, 30 October 2010

Lil Jawa

My favourite halloween costume this year.

People Are Awesome

There is one fake in here (walking on water?).

Paris Vs New York

A tale of two cities
More here.

Persona by Jason Travis

When he began taking photographs in November 2007 for his Persona diptych series, Jason Travis set out to catch up with old friends, learn more about new friends, and, most significantly, to capture a portion of their lives in terms of what each individual considered essential enough to carry around with them everyday.

Viewers of the Persona diptychs take a voyeuristic delight in not only glimpsing the items usually tucked away in bags and pockets, but in identifying with strangers by relating to the tokens they carry with them. Alongside the meticulously arranged items that each person carries, Jason situates a portrait in which the subject always seems confident and at home, comfortable in their own skin. In these snapshots, each person appears as Jason sees them, which is always beautiful. Assembling the Persona diptychs has not only allowed Jason to combine his love of photography with his knowledge of the uniqueness and beauty in each of his subjects, but also has allowed him to share this knowledge with other.

Jason Travis kindly sent me these pictures to include on my blog.
More can be seen here.

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Thing Of beauty No.14: Bretles Satchel

This Special collaboration Breteles Satchel by R6 and Garbstore is unfortunately
out of stock here.

Oil & Water Do Not Mix

Limited edition of 200 posters, screen printed with oil from the Gulf of Mexico disaster. 
All benefits go to the non-profit organisation "Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana" (CRCL)
More info and purchase here

Todor & Petru

Promo video for Todor & Petru by CRCR

Things Organized Neatly

A great site for the OCD in all of us: here

Tuesday, 12 October 2010


This was around before I started this blog, but I think as it's time to watch Up! again...
Made using vocal and musical samples from Up!
More here

Milk Jug Storm Trooper Helmet

For full instructions on how to construct a storm Trooper helmet 
from two milk Jugs
Click here
Also have a look at her DIY Starwars toys they are sublime.

Music For One Apartment And Six Drummers 
Directed by Ola Simonsson & Johannes Stj√§rne Nilsson the duo are soon to release a
full lenght film titled Sound Of Noise based on this short.
More info here.

Friday, 8 October 2010

Homemade Spacecraft

Video from a camera attached to a weather balloon that rose into the 
upper stratosphere and recorded the blackness of space.
More info here.

Monday, 4 October 2010

Shelters Of Your Dreams

Shot in Santa Barbara, CA. The musicians were recorded live on the streets, all are homeless. 
The performances were later produced and mixed into a cohesive song.
Directed by
Matt Alonzo Filmed by Michael Busalacchi
Marvin "Tattor" Mecom: Vocals / Guitar
Garvin Matthews: Piano / Drums
Karl Steymuller: Vocals / Harmonica
Rasheeda Nichols: Vocals
Michael Michil: Interview

City Surf

A standing wave in the middle of downtown munich 845km from the nearest ocean beach

Graffiti Analysis

Graffiti Analysis (iPhone) from Evan Roth

Walk The Solar System

During the Summer of 2010 Louise O'connor designed a Walkable 3.1km scale model 
of the universe. Installed between Kingsland Road and Stamford hill, the work
employed local shopkeepers at appropriate points on the route to act as guardians 
to the planets – hosting models represented by everyday objects, at their correct
comparative sizes.
More info here.

Two Story with Basement

Mike Doyle constructed this fantastic black and white Lego study of and abandoned home.